Lieut. Col. A.R.Gill – ‘ARG’

A photo of my grandfather when he was ADC to the Governor of the Gambia in 1934-5. – written on the back in my grandmother’s hand “‘Richard Gill when he was ADC to the Governor in Africa”


My grandfather (ARG) was the only child of his father’s third wife, and his two half brothers, Theo (GTG) and Reggie (RHG) were aged 13 and 11 respectively by the time ARG was born.

ARG went to prep-school in Broadstairs on the coast in Kent 1904, and then in 1908 on to Stubbington House, on the Solent in Hampshire and which seems to have had a particular connection with the Royal Navy.

Kenneth Johnson & ARG at school at Broadstairs

ARG (right) and Kenneth Johnson at school at Broadstairs

In 1910, ARG went on to public school at  Eastbourne College on the coast in East Sussex. He was a House Prefect and in the Rugby XV and Cricket XI.

Eastborne College Second XV

ARG – back row, third from left

2nd XI Eastborne College - front

ARG – seated on the ground, on the right