Embarked to East Africa – June 1916

Sometime in 1915 / 1916 ARG was seconded to the King’s African Rifles (‘KAR’) based in Nairobi, British East Africa (now Kenya).

It is not clear to me exactly how and when ARG came to join the KAR. His service record states ‘Embarked to East Africa 25.5.16 / Employed with King’s African Rifles  14.10.16’.  The London Gazette records: “Hamps. R. – Capt. A.R.Gill is secd. for service under the Colonial Office. 14th October 1916” (Supplement to the London Gazette 10 November 1917).

It seems rather a long journey if he left England in May and only arrived with the regiment in October. I believe that he would probably have travelled by ship via the Cape and to Mombasa but doubt that it would have taken five months.

The following photo was in the miscellaneous collection of ARG’s photographs:

An idea of what the journey may have been like, can be found from an interesting diary of another young British officer, Lieutenant John Bruce Cairnie of 5th Seaforth Highlanders, who was also attached to the KAR and who travelled out by ship to Mombasa in late 1917 –  Diary of Lieut. John Bruce Cairnie

Please feel free to comment. If you see any inaccuracies or have some further information, please let me know.

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